Get the Power of SSTP VPN for FREE

  • 100% Pass through any kind of NAT and Firewall
  • Use only TCP port 443 never being blocked by ISP
  • SSL Layer tunneling that supports HTTP PXY Traversal
  • Strongest Encryption comparing to PPTP & L2TP
  • Best Overall Performance Desktop VPN Technology
  • Perfectly support Windows 7/8/10, Mac OSX and Ununtu
US SSTP VPN Server:   PIN: 1736
UK SSTP VPN Server:   PIN: 2076
NL SSTP VPN Server:   PIN: 1635
CA SSTP VPN Server:   PIN: 9671

US, UK, NL & CA SSTP VPN Username :
US, UK, NL & CA SSTP VPN Password : (use above PIN)

Setup SSTP

Setup Free SSTP VPN in 30 seconds under Windows 7/Windows 8

From Windows 7 or Windows 8 Desktop, open the "Control Panel", then following the instructions explained in the screenshots blow:






Note: If you are connecting to United Kingdom Free SSTP VPN server, please use for above fields; Or if you are connecting to Netherlands VPN Server, use for above field;





Great, you are connected to our world first SSTP based free VPN service! Before starting browsing the websites you are interested, please MAKE SURE to visit to verify if your internet address changes to the US or UK one as expected.