New Upgraded SSTP & L2TP VPN for FREE

  • 100% Pass through any kind of NAT and Firewall
  • Use TCP port 443 only never being blocked by ISP
  • SSL Layer tunneling to support HTTP PXY Traversal
  • Strongest Encryption comparing to Old PPTP VPN
  • Perfectly support Windows 7/8/10,OSX,Ununtu & Android
US SSTP VPN Server:   PIN: 1110
UK SSTP VPN Server:   PIN: 8017
NL SSTP VPN Server:   PIN: 1377
CA SSTP VPN Server:   PIN: 2345
DE SSTP VPN Server:   PIN: 1458

US, UK, NL, CA & DE SSTP VPN Username :
US, UK, NL, CA & DE SSTP VPN Password : (use PIN above)
L2TP VPN Secret Key: (We support L2TP)

Welcome to Free SSTP & L2TP VPN Service

Thank you for coming here for the world's first and the best SSTP based Free VPN service! Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol is the most intelligent and fastest VPN technology in these days. It works in all scenarios where most other types of VPN sessions are blocked or failed. Or even in some campus and company network that only HTTP 80 and HTTPS 443 port are opened, the SSL like SSTP tunneling can beautifully go through the firewall to get your connected to the public internet network.  

SSTP is also considered as the strongest and most secure VPN tunneling system for the usage of SSL, authentication certificates and 2048-bit encryptions. To enjoy all the benefits of SSTP designed by Microsoft, simply connect to our Free SSTP VPN servers from your Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu Linux or Apple Desktop/Laptop computers right now! Our VPN account info is listed above, just following our SSTP VPN Configuration Instructions to start your super smooth and safe Free VPN session in less than a minute.

Terms of Services

To use the Free SSTP VPN system, you must agree that:

  • you won't use the free VPN connections to  attack, hack, scan or break into other computers, servers or websites;
  • you won't use the free VPN sessions to distribute viruses/trojans/worms or pirated copyright materials;
  • you won't use the free VPN accounts to generate fraud transactions and abuse credit card payment systems;
  • you won't use the free VPN services to send unsolicited/fraudulent emails or submit illegal web posts;
  • you won't use the online VPN to engage in child pornography activities;
  • you won't use the online VPN servers to encourage criminal or terrorist activities.

Violating above terms or using VPN for criminal activities will cause privacy & anonymous privilege no longer guaranteed. In such case, the VPN logs could be exposed to the police department or law enforcement agencies in datacenter locations when needed.